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Welcome Shawnee Lake

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Late in 2008 the talented songstress Shawnee Lake joined Jared Wilson & The Vibe. This energetic jazz and blues lyricist molds the music to the mood and can deliver familiar favorites in swing, ballad, blues or funk mode with no holds barred. Shawnee is the ultimate entertainer and fits perfectly into The Vibe.

Shawnee has performed in Knoxville, Tennessee, and in Las Vegas. While vacationing in Casablanca, Morocco, she was offered a job by Joseph Pratt who owned a series of night clubs; she was offered a job in Austria while singing with a folk guitar player at Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy; and Nassau, Bahamas where she was offered a “gig” at the King of Knights club on Bay Street.

You must come out and enjoy the energy that Shawnee brings to The Vibe! Her warm voice and playful antics gel perfectly with the mission of Jared Wilson & The Vibe music to make you feel good.