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Amazing Review for Jared Wilson & The Vibe

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On July 20th Jared Wilson & The Vibe performed at the Pittsburgh Golf Club for “Music @ the Pool”. I just had to share this amazing review from Brad Ladik Assistant General Manager for the club.

“We really greatly appreciate the follow up!  We have received numerous compliments from your performance last week.  From getting the younger children up and dancing, to going out and playing from table to table, it was perfect…Some of our Entertainment Committee members were in attendance and it was unanimously agreed to be booking the band in the future.

Thank you for playing that one last song, wow, I do not know the song but it started out sounding like something from Steely Dan but you all took that one to a crazy level way beyond that!  We will look forward to booking you again next summer at the Pool and hopefully we have an event before that we can have you at the Club again.  I know Karen always keeps you gentlemen in mind when she is meeting with our potential clients to recommend you.

Great class, musicianship, professionalism and showmanship by Jared Wilson & the Vibe at The Pittsburgh Golf Club, we look forward to when you will be back here!”

Thank you,


Bradley Ladik, CCM, CSW, CDP

Assistant General Manager